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Anyone from the age of sixty-five upwards
can be vaccinated against influenza for free

By visiting their family physician or by going to the local pharmacy, individuals from the age of sixty-five upwards can be vaccinated against influenza for free.

Vaccination in pharmacies is organised via the Health Insurance Fund’s contractual partners. Further information about vaccinations being carried out at pharmacies can be found via the following address:

The expert committee on immunoprophylaxis has given the green light to administering the booster dose against COVID-19 on the same day as an injection is provided to ward off influenza.

This will allow any elderly individual - as well as the physician - to complete two procedures in the course of one single visit.

Contact with the influenza virus remained at a minimum level in the general population last season, so anyone who has not been vaccinated will be more vulnerable to the virus in the new influenza season. Due to the increasing number of people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, many countries have gradually relaxed their strict quarantining restrictions which may itself help to facilitate the spread of respiratory viruses. The forthcoming season may turn out to be somewhat rough, so the Health Board is advising everyone who is eligible to get themselves vaccinated against influenza and to ensure that their loved ones get vaccinated as well.

Further information about influenza can also be found on the following website: