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Twenty-three new positive COVID-19 cases added over last 24 hours

Over last 24 hours 1,609 COVID-19 virus tests were analysed in Estonia, !% of them, i.e. 23 tests came back positive.  According to the population register, the highest number of coronavirus cases were found in Saare County (10), Harju County (5).  Ida-Viru County, Pärnu County had three new cases each, Põlva County and Viljandi County one new case each.

As of the morning of April 9, 134 patients require hospitalisation due to the novel coronavirus, 9 persons require ventilation. 83 people have been discharged. During the previous 24 h period no deaths were reported due to COVID-19.  Total 24 people have died in Estonia due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The Health Board has updated the testing strategy. Starting from today, in case of a reasonable doubt, family physicians will be able to refer all people with coronavirus symptoms to testing, regardless of their age and co-morbidities. No changes are made in the arrangements of testing, people must first contact the family physician, who will decide whether testing is needed and then refer the patient, if necessary.

 The doctor will assess each case individually. The purpose of the renewal of the testing strategy is to obtain a more accurate epidemiological overview of the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Estonia in order to assess more precisely the current interventions and plan further actions. When the situation changes, the test principles will be reviewed again.

In total, over 26,416 coronavirus tests have been performed in Estonia, of which 1,207 (5%) have shown positive results, most of the cases are still in the age group 55-59 (11%), followed by 45-49, and 50-54 (10%).  Detailed statistical information of coronavirus testing is available at: 

Clarification of the Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre (TEHIK) regarding the data.

In today´s statistical information one earlier positive test result from Saare County has moved from the 07.04 statistical data to the data of 08.04, due to the adjustment made by the laboratory.

Healthcare providers (including laboratories) can correct, modify and invalidate the documents retrospectively.  We always publish updated information received from the health information system (TIS) as open data.  Laboratories introduce changes, corrections and deletions, these will be included under the open data from the previous period.

Due to the emergency situation in Estonia, the prohibition to visit applies to all social welfare institutions, hospitals and detention facilities until the preliminary date of 1 May 2020.  To contain further spread of the COVID-19 infection, the Health Board ordered the suspension of all regular, scheduled health care services outside the national network of hospitals. Private medical establishments and dental clinics will only provide emergency care. All planned treatments will be suspended to contain the spread of the virus and in the interest of using personal protective equipment more economically. Continuation of planned treatments, which have already been started, will be reassessed by the doctor and patient, on a case-by-case basis. All planned treatments will need to be carried out if the suspension would endanger the patient’s health.

Additional information can be found on the Health Board website on coronavirus: and on the Health Board Facebook page.  Questions regarding the emergency situation will be answered on the Government website:

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